34 Yummy, Simple, Healthy Breakfast Ideas

If you need ideas for quick and easy breakfasts, then this post is for you! According to the latest Tracking Nutrition Trends report, almost 40% of Canadians skip breakfast(1). Eating a healthy breakfast has been associated with: – Lower prevalence of overweight and obesity and reduced weight gain over time – Improved appetite control which contributes to better choices made throughout the day – Better intake of nutrients including calcium, vitamin D, potassium and fibre – Improved energy – Breaking the fasted state, which in turn reduces fat storage and muscle breakdown (2, 3, 4) (having lean muscle is important for our metabolism and for weight loss) Having said all that, many people still

4 Tips for Smarter Drinking

It's May 2-4 weekend! Yes, it's almost over, but many of us don't work tomorrow, so the relaxation and/or fun continues this evening. Of course you want to relax and unwind on a long weekend. However, calories from alcohol can really add up. If your one to partake in a few alcoholic beverages, but want to feel a little better the next day (and avoid total caloric overload), follow these tips: Keep Hydrated. Drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink. Or, just try to keep as hydrated as possible. Vodka and water, anyone? Avoid mixes, especially sugary ones. Many mixes have added sugars, which can lead to a stronger hangover the next day. The less ingredients the better. If you do choo

How to Make Your Own Protein Shakes

Let me first tell you…you may or may not know this…but you do not need smoothies, shakes, protein drinks, meal replacement smoothies – whatever you want to call them – to lose weight, or gain muscle, etc. Okay…now that’s out of the way…but let me explain why. All of the nutrients (and more) found in smoothies, can be also included in regular snacks and meals. In other words, a smoothie is no better than a bowl of Greek yogurt, berries, and mixed nuts and seeds; or a piece of baked chicken, ½ cup of quinoa, and half plate of veggies, etc. However, smoothies/shakes are a great way to get in nutrients if you are busy, on the go, and need something quick and convenient, or if you simply enjoy ha

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