A Surprising and Underestimated Strategy for Healthy Weight Loss and Weight Management

One of the best strategies I use to help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight (whatever that means for them) might sound a little bit counterintuitive, but hear me out… It’s the importance of eating something every 3-5 hours. This ‘something’ (aka meal or snack should also be filling, nutritious, and satisfying, 80-90% of the time, but we’ll talk more about that looks like more in another post). Now, you might be thinking, “Well that’s counterintuitive, if I eat less, shouldn’t I lose more?” (You wouldn’t believe how many clients I’ve worked with who have this faulty theory). Yes, and no. There is a whole long slewed out answer that I’ll probably turn into another blog post for this,

Amazing Healthy Meal Delivery Service!

With how busy our lives are (and that ain't changing anytime soon), we truly need more services that offer affordable, healthy, convenience foods. This is why we are very excited to announce our partnership with LunchIn - a meal delivery service in St. John's, NL that delivers healthy, delicious, affordable Lunches right to your door! Since our goals so closely aligned (helping people in St. John's be healthier without having to overhaul their lives), we will be working together to provide even more 'healthy bang-for-your-buck'. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements in the coming weeks! Check out their website here, and their Facebook page here. ​ Check out this quick video where I give

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