• Felicia Newell, RD(c), BSc

7 Simple Steps To Get You Back Into A Healthy Routine...AND Help You Stick To It!

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Summer is coming to an end, and if you're like me, you're feeling like...WHERE did it even go? We ate, we drank (well many of us did anyway), we relaxed, and then we ate some more. And now it’s time to get back on track (sorry...I'm not the happiest about it either!).

The reality for many is that September and October can be one of the most stressful times of the year. The new school year and/or coming off of summer vacation brings changes to routines, homework, the start of fall activities, lunches to make, forms to sign, bedtime routines to enforce, etc., etc...yikes! Just the thought of it all is overwhelming. As a mom of four small children (one school aged), with a full-time job, trying to start a business, and a husband who also works, I know how hard it can be. And as a dietitian I also know how important good nutrition is and that it can become a real challenge when everyone is so busy.

Relaxing and indulging is always great, and needed at times, but we all know our bodies and our minds feel MUCH better when we’re into a healthier routine (and research shows this as well). We don’t have to be perfect of course (and never do)…but if we can get back into a healthier routine than what we might have let ourselves get into over the summer, our bodies and minds will thank us.

Here are 7 steps to get you back into a healthy routine this fall:

1. Focus

Summer happened. Over-indulgence happened, you might have eaten more than you should have, drank more than you should have, stayed up later than you should have, exercised less than you should have…but now we need to re-focus. For our own sanity of course.

Draw a line in the sand.