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A better for you sugar alternative | 4 ingredient homemade jam (that’s more versatile than you think

A better for you sugar alternative | 4 ingredient homemade jam (that’s more versatile than you think!)

DISCLAIMER: This post was developed in sponsored partnership with LIVA; however, as always, all opinions are genuine.

Today might be the last day of Nutrition Month... but this year’s theme is a good one and will continue on, because it’s something dietitians have been preaching for years - healthy eating looks different for everyone.

We all know that consuming too much sugar can be detrimental to health, so reducing sugar in the diet and/or finding better alternatives for those sweet treats is a lifestyle change that many are trying to make. Including myself, being a mom of 4 children (aka 5 if you include my hubby) who love sweets and has a sweet tooth from time to time (aka around once a month-ish if we’re being honest).

I was pleasantly surprised when I came across LIVA – a whole food sugar alternative that has fewer net carbs than sugar, one gram of fibre per tablespoon, and thus would be a lower glycemic index option.

LIVA date sugar is a pure, organic, all natural and versatile whole food sugar alternative to

traditional sweeteners. What I love the most about it is that it is made from just two

ingredients according to the manufacturer – whole dehydrated raw organic dates and love.

I am all about balance. I don’t believe in completely restricting anything from the diet – including sugar – sometimes we’re going to eat a slice of cake at someone’s party or have a freaking cookie or some ice cream once in a while. However, I do understand the value of reducing free sugars and refined sugars in the diet, as well as trying to incorporate healthier alternatives when we can.

The more I read about LIVA, the more I thought it was a great sugar alternative to try. Then, when I actually started trying it in different recipes and even in my coffee, I realized that it was delicious and dissolved well into recipes – even better!

Here are just some of the great things about LIVA:

· It’s a versatile whole food sugar alternative that can be used in the same way as regular sugar. Use it in any recipe – sweet or savoury – or to sweeten your hot or cold beverage.

· Works brilliantly for baking. Start with a 1:1 LIVA/sugar substitution ratio, which can be adjusted according taste or the type of baking.

· It is lower in calories than many other sweeteners like refined white sugar. It contains 15 calories and 3.6g of carbohydrates per 4g serving.

· It’s solar dried for 2 days and grinned into a powder. It retains most of the nutrition dates offers except Vitamin C is depleted. Its whole fruit sugar with nothing added or stripped, the biggest benefit is it has fibre and antioxidants properties.

· Is a Canadian – family owned, and operated business passionately dedicated to creating a product that tastes great and leaves the earth a little better along the way.

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and that is why it is completely okay to try different foods, recipes, methods, etc. until you find the best approach for you and your lifestyle.

I have been playing around with different recipes and ways to use LIVA, and here’s one of the yummy (and super easy) recipes. Bonus: this recipe was kid and husband approved! I love that it is only 4 ingredients, and it makes an extremely delicious and nutritious jam that can be used in so many different ways – on oats, toast, crackers, yogurt, and more!


(*Adapted from a recipe from LIVA’s website, which has tons more recipes)

Ingredients: ⁠

· 3 tbsp LIVA⁠ date sugar

· 2 cups of frozen berries ⁠

· 1 tbsp lemon juice⁠

· 2 tbsp chia seeds⁠


1. Simmer berries in a medium pot on the stovetop until they reduce⁠ 2. Mash berries together with a fork or masher. 3. Add LIVA⁠ date sugar, chia and lemon juice⁠ 4. Stir and continue to reduce for 3-4 minutes⁠ 5. Transfer to a jar and set in the fridge for three hours⁠.

The jam will keep in the fridge for a few weeks!

Enjoy life’s sweet moments in a delicious and healthy way. Check out livafoods.com for more information and tons of delicious recipes.

For more information on Nutrition Month.

For more information on Heart and Stroke Foundations recommendations for reducing sugar in the diet.

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